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About Us

Now in its tenth uninterrupted year MALTARTI reports on the local arts and culture scene, giving a unique platform to creatives in Malta. With over two thousand features, MALTARTI has become the principal means for the general public to stay updated on the local cultural scene. In a MALTARTI first for cultural television in Malta, starting in 2022, all episodes also feature subtitles in English, empowering artists to spread their message beyond Malta’s shores to an international audience.

Originally the brainchild of art historian and curator Caroline Tonna, MALTARTI is now a Noċemuskata production, in collaboration with Arts Council Malta.

Airing times for 2023/2024: Airing Times – Maltarti

Viewership on socials

For instance, the programme on the Għaqda Każini tal-Banda, targeting band club enthusiasts, which aired on May 1st earlier this year, attracted a staggering 11,398 unique views on Facebook alone, and was shared over 60 times. The feature on contemporary band MTeam generated interest in a completely different demographic, as did the features on the Mdina Cathedral Museum. Follow Maltarti’s Facebook page.

Keeping abreast

Feedback from our audience has also confirmed that MALTARTI has become the way so many keep abreast of developments in the cultural and local scene in Malta. Whilst nurturing those who are already interested in the arts and artists themselves, content is produced in a manner that will also grab the attention of those who can become the future culture vultures.

Noċemuskata is Malta’s leading communications and public relations company specialising in the arts and creative industry. It is a multi-disciplinary community of open-minded, passionate individuals with over fifteen years of experience in the artistic and cultural community.

Arts Council Malta (ACM) is the national agency for development and investment in the cultural and creative sectors. Its principal task is to fund, support and promote Malta’s Cultural and Creative sectors.