“Frank u Jien” is an interdisciplinary curatorial project conceived closely with the family of Maltese modern art pioneer Frank Portelli, which welcomes intimate audiences into the artist’s studio in Attard. The project will be a theatrical, audio-visual experience departing from the extensive archive that still remains; resulting from a long process of research and development, bringing together some of Malta’s most exciting visual and performing artists.

Curated by Andrew Borg Wirth, the project continues in the legacy of Portelli, emulating the collaborative and experimental spirit with which he founded the Modern Art Circle alongside his peers in 1951. Rather than providing a biography of the artist, “Frank u Jien” seeks to present the understanding and experience of Portelli and his work through the eyes and voices of two characters – an archivist and researcher – as they make their way through different artefacts lifted from the archive. “Frank u Jien” is not just about the way we interpret and consume Portelli’s art, it also embodies the very spirit and method that he became known for.