ŻfinMalta is joining forces with Ballet d’Jèrri, the national dance company of Jersey Island, in a new work by ŻfinMalta’s Artistic Director Paolo Mangiola. Twenty dancers have come together to explore what unites the two islands through distinctive geographical and cultural landscapes. Taking inspiration from the Arctic Tern, a bird known for having the longest migratory patterns on the planet, ‘Geographers of Solitude’ is a conversation on diversity, the fragility of different voices, and fostering collective harmony. Just as these birds take shelter on both islands during their long journeys, the dancers on stage explore both itinerant and protracted island life and the dynamic interplay between solitude and community in our individual and collective narratives. It delves into the notion of islands as a microcosm of the world at large – a contained environment where inhabitants develop unique cultures and ways of organising societies.