“Long To Belong” is a collective exhibition featuring Mono2Mass, Giola Cassar, Aprille Zammit, and Sephora Schembri.

Conceptually developed and curated by Co-Creative Director and Curator, Elyse Tonna, “Long To Belong” is a profound exploration of navigating the intricate realms of home, vernacular, familiarity, and community amidst a world marked by detachment and polarisation.

It prompts reflective dialogue, fostering a subjective vision of an interconnected sense of belonging in today’s complex reality. The SPRING Programme is a tailor-made artistic journey, offering support through three strands: the Creative Process led by Elyse Tonna, the Artistic Programming overseen by Raffaella Zammit, and the Engagement Process led by Martina Camilleri, all interrelated and providing a support structure for the artists.