“Māter” is an exhibition curated by Alexia Medici, Pilar Cruz, and Margerita Pulè, which is being held in Malta and Barcelona and explores the several definitions and the etymological roots of the word “Māter”.

The six artists that are taking part – Kristina Borg and Raphael Vella from Malta, and Charlotte Nordgren Sewell, Agustín Ortiz Herrera, Irene Pérez Gil, and Vanesa Varela from Spain – were asked to explore themes of the meaning of being a mother, maternity, and procreation, to have a wider look and gather ideas about autonomy, the development of scientific knowledge, and acts of resistance together with religious authority.

The exhibition is open from 9th to 30th March at the National Archives in Rabat, and will be on display at La Matrenitat in Barcelona, in May.